The Autumnal Equinox. A turning point in time, as it marks the changing of seasons. The harvest is coming to an end. Night and day will be equal in length. This particular moment in time was and still is regarded as a sacred one, celebrated in certain modern pagan traditions as Mabon.

Mabon is a time to give thanks to that which Summer has offered – that which has grown on the lands in abundance. Whether or not you’ve had a decent harvest on your veggie patch (I sure didn’t), this moment of transition is perfect to reflect on our own Summer-time: What have you grown in the past months, what have you learned?

I love moments of transition. They’re moments to reflect on that which was, and that which might be. These moments give you insight in how you’ve gotten where you are today. It is a pretty magical thing to become aware of your growth as it gives you an opportunity to be grateful for the energy you’ve put into becoming.

And all at oncesummer collapsed into fall.”

Oscar Wilde

Apart from giving thanks, Mabon is about recognising the flow of the natural cycle of growth and death. Although the Equinox itself marks a balance between night and day, the daytime will slowly shorten and we will be retreating inside more often. After an intense period of growth, it is now time to slow down, to rest and recharge.

Instead of regarding this day as any other I’ll reflect on that which was offered to me in abundance during Summer-time, aware that we’ve arrived at new season. Though slowing down, I have got a feeling it will certainly not be less exciting!

Happy Equinox!