New to when a wayfarer and unsure which way to go? Let me help you. I’ve picked some routes for you, so you only have follow the road and enjoy the journey!


From planning your Camino de Santiago and wild camping on the West Highland way to preparing for your first 20k. You want to go here for all things physical and outdoors.


Looking to try new things, challenge yourself, experiment with practices or work a new morning routine. This is the right place if you’re soul searching.


What’s your destination in life? How do you continue walking your path when things get difficult, or what can you do when you’re stuck. If you want to grow even taller, go this way!

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Need some extra guidance?

My own journey to Santiago sparked the dream to guide others on their journey.

Currently, I’m studying very hard to be qualified to guide you on your (everyday) pilgrimage to create a more meaningful and adventurous life.

If you’re interested in receiving one-on-one guidance in the future, please let me know via the button below, and I’ll send you a message as soon as these sessions are available.