The final month of 2019 is about to commence. A while back, I posted about three mindful ways to end this year. Bathing in gratitude was one of them. Since I happen to love a good thirty day challenge, I decided to dedicate an entire month to practising gratitude. However, instead of solely giving thanks to the people I know and see on a daily basis, I’d also like to spread the gratitude to those I don’t know so well or don’t know at all.


As I wrote something about my newfound journey to becoming a coach on Instagram, I guessed a little post about this joyous continuation of my personal pilgrimage was in order. So here it is!


A while ago, I decided to investigate the habit of drinking alcohol as part of my bigger quest to see life in a different light and, perhaps, making it a little more exciting. Although I don’t regard my drinking habits as problematic, I do often wonder about its impact and the ease with which I embrace alcohol in social settings. As I’m two weeks into my thirty booze-free days, it’s about time for an update, and I can tell you it was not all that easy!

When I set myself a challenge or commence a new adventure, the start is usually the easy part of the process: I dive in headfirst and have tons of energy to go for it! The first days were a breeze. Not a thought was spent on alcohol or these thirty days whatsoever…and then it was Friday. As I was a tad afraid that being around people sipping wine and having a good time would be too much temptation to handle, I resisted the urge to join after work drinks and enjoyed a quiet night in. In fact, that night became a quiet weekend in and that turned out to be precisely what I needed.

770x550 IMG_0016

While week two started off in a similar fashion, it seemed like I’d gained a bit of confidence making it through the first week. I knew, however the real challenges were yet to be faced. Friday showed its friendly face again, and this week it would feature dinner and drinks with a friend. “Lemonade for you then?” she jokingly said as we sat down somewhere to enjoy the evening and catch up. Still grateful for her ordering a sparkling water as well, the night was fantastic. In hindsight, being pretty exhausted from the week left behind, drinking alcohol would’ve just made me more tired. Fun-wise, the alcohol wouldn’t have added anything!

The day after, I was going to meet up for drinks with two Australian friends who came over to visit Amsterdam. Although super excited to meet them, I remembered all the fun times spent in the pub during the years I lived there, and knew this night could become a confrontational one. I was right. One coke down and the urge to order a beer appeared. My mind instantly started to riot. You can’t give up after half an hour! True, I thought. I can’t just give up when things get a little tough, the fun is in the experience. Just see what happens, I told myself. Just trick that urge.

After an amazing night, one coke and four 0,0% beers we said our goodbyes. As I walked to my bike, I felt extremely happy and a little light in my head.

I’m feeling a little… Wait a minute!