friday everyday feierabend


What if you could have that Friday feeling every single day? Sounds great right? Thought so too. And you know what, you actually can!

In Germany it has been a thing forever. When the working day has come to an end, people leave the building wishing one another “Schönen Feierabend!”. You could translate Feierabend very literally as celebration evening, or a little more sophisticated as an evening of celebration.

When I heard the word Feierabend for the first time, I was instantly excited! Weekday evenings are usually being perceived as a terribly boring transition to the next working day. After work you’re standing in the check-out traffic jam at the supermarket, race home to prepare dinner and lie on the couch afterwards, just because it’s a “regular weekday eve”. Doesn’t quite sound like a thing to celebrate, right?

Eventually, it’s all about mindset: you can see your weekday evenings as a painful transition or you can decide to celebrate every evening!

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

All well and good, but how do you make that change in perception. In other words, how can you alter your mindset or mentality (i.e. your thinking and behavioural style). Naturally, that doesn’t happen in a day but you can start taking tiny steps.

You could make such beginning by setting an intention every Sunday evening or Monday morning. An intention is nothing more than making a plan to do something. It is often being compared to planting a seed. After planting it, a lot has to happen in order for that seed to grow – think sunshine, a little rain and lots of attention.

Despite the fact that it is merely an intention, the way in which you set an intention can aid a lot in letting your mental plan become a reality. Hastily reminding yourself to take the evening as a mini-holiday whilst rushing to work, probably isn’t very effective. Instead, take a couple of minutes to sit down and close your eyes. Go inside. Remind yourself of your intention to celebrate something every evening, even if it’s super small. You can also write your intention down and display it somewhere you look often.

Friday everyday thus begins with the right mindset. Changing that mindset doesn’t happen from one day to the next, and that’s all good. By consciously setting the intention to make a tiny party of every evening, you’re already on the right track!