December has hit (including the first snow) and March is coming faster than I had ever expected. I was keeping pretty well to my workout schedule to get my body ready for walking 20 kilometres a day… and then I fell. Nope. I wasn’t cycling and it wasn’t freezing or slippery. I just tripped and fell (sounds familiar right?). When I got up I assumed from the scratches on my hands and knees that they broke most of the fall. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case: my ribs did.

I deem myself pretty lucky since it could have been way worst, however, when I could not lift my hands above my head and breathing deeply was painful, I completely freaked out. The most basic yoga poses all of a sudden became an impossibility and how was I going to RUN when breathing hurts! There was nothing I could do about the circumstances, so I accepted the fact that I am a little clumsy in general and gave myself a few days to see how things would develop. After a while I went to the doctor – just to be sure – and she told me to give my upper body a rest.

What was I going to do! I’m leaving so soon, I have to train! After the initial panic subsided, I asked myself: What will you be doing most on the Camino? Answer is simple: walking and carrying a pack. Based on that answer a new workout routine emerged:

  • On average, I will still be cycling two times 15 minutes a day, since transporting myself to work and other places is not achievable in another manner.
  • My strength training will now primarily focus on my lower body. In the upcoming days or weeks, I will have to tune in and see which exercise I can add to strengthen my upper body.
  • After not doing any for a while (super sad face), I will ease back into yoga, gradually increasing the intensity of my practice.
  • Due to the current circumstances, and due to the fact that March is around the corner, my running routine will now turn into a walking routine. As I will be walking six out of the seven days a week, I want to prepare for being on the road regularly. One or two days a week I will do a shorter walk (in my previous schedule I’d run these two days). Since I want to increase my training days and walk for longer periods of time, I will add two longer walks. Uphill training will be incorporated during these walking days (stairs, stairs, stairs). And then… it will look a little something like this:



Probably you all know where I am going with this. With or without injury, listen to your body and act accordingly. There is no use in forcing yourself. Just try to accept where you are at and adjust as far as it is possible. I must admit that the above visual of the twelve remaining is a bit daunting. Not long now before I will embark on my journey to Spain and so many things are yet to be done! I’d better get a move on ; )