As we’re required to retreat inside more often, moments of quiet occur more naturally. When there is silence, there is space for listening. As of late, I prefer listening to podcasts over watching series, as they tend to excite me more in the long run. If you’re looking to nourish your mind, here are some of my favourite talks:

Stephen Batchelor – Finding Ease in Aloneness

My number one podcast at this point in time! As a master’s graduate in Religion, On Being with Krista Tippett is right up my alley. This episode featuring Buddhist writer and scholar Stephen Batchelor is about being at home with yourself. Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has challenged all of us to become more acquainted with our inner lives. What does it mean to be alone, and how do we approach solitude? If you’d like an answer to these questions, you might want to check this one out!

Dr. Marc Brackett and Brené on “Permission to Feel”

Huge fan of her bubbly personality and her books, and now she’s got her very own podcast! I’m talking about Brené Brown and her podcast Unlocking Us. In this episode, she is having a conversation with Dr. Marc Brackett and tackling the topic of emotional literacy – how we understand and express emotions-, and how this influences every aspect of our lives. If you are up for an extremely fun conversation, and you’re keen on hearing an insightful perspective on emotions, then this is definitely the podcast for you.

Mark Nepo: Being Faithful to the Truth of the Journey

You might have noticed a few quotes from Mark Nepo on my IG. I’m an admirer of his poetry, and hearing this man talk is just the greatest thing ever. On this episode of the Good Life Project, Mark Nepo is in conversation with Jonathan Fields on “living in a rapidly changing world, poetry as truth and life, not just words and how we’re called to live and lead” (quoted from the Good Life Project website as I couldn’t have summarised it any better myself). If you want to dream away to Mark’s words, and reflect on life as it is presenting itself to us… grab a cup of tea and press play.

I’ve added the links to the individual webpages, in case you do not use Spotify. Hope this delicious mindfood will satisfy your appetite!

For now, have a beautiful day!