As of late, I’ve come to realise that doing more is not always having the desired effect. Today, I share some mindful musings on slowing down in order to move forward.

I was working at home when all of a sudden the light went out. Power outage. Probably a planned one, but I’d never taken the time to read the letter I received from my electricity company. I sat in the dark and noticed my laptop only had a few percent left. I felt a sense of relief – like someone had pressed the stop button and I’d been given permission to slow down.

I could’ve pressed that stop button myself too. I just couldn’t figure it out… When is it too much?

A full-time job, writing for my blog, daily IG-posts, starting a coaching course, a long-distance relationship, weekly coaching sessions, training for a 10k run, yoga and meditation practice, fun with friends and the odd moments of relaxation. These extremely awesome but rather time-consuming activities are frequently enriched with a load of extra’s: books to finish, blogs to read, a language to learn, software to master and so on…

For a while it was fine, as I was doing about half of the above listed activities. At the moment, it looks like I’m trying to juggle all of them in a single week. It’s not that I don’t like doing these things, I love doing them! That’s precisely part of the problem; these things are important to me, yet trying to do all of them means not being able to give them the proper attention they require.

Trying to complete a large list of activities, seems to increasingly create a feeling of not doing enough, thus trying to run harder and feeling depleted or unsatisfied. The rush takes over and the day seems to revolve more and more around getting things done, and less about moving forward.

Slowing down, but moving forward.

And then it dawned on me that moving forward might mean slowing down.

Slowing down implies taking the time to pause and reflect before you take the next step. Pausing creates space for you to choose that which is right for you at this very moment. It gives you a moment to choose that which will allow you to move forward.

As a forced pause, the power outage gave me the nudge I needed. It’s been too much.

I’m going to slow down for a while here on Shifting from a slightly rushed weekly to a more intentional bi-weekly post. Creating a little more space to experience more fully and create more mindfully.

Slowing down, but moving forward.