My trip to Tenerife was fantastic, but I didn’t get to hike as much as I wanted to. Now Spring has made its appearance, I just want to be outside to soak up the green and flowers revealed by the buds bursting open. However, the beautiful parks and forest here in Amsterdam can only satisfy part of the longing to be outside. The quiet and solitude when being in nature cannot be felt as intensely when being in the midst of the city.


Those who know me are probably aware I can be a little bit impulsive at times. When I come up with an idea, I want to execute it immediately or – at least – take the first steps. If I don’t, I get a little… well, let’s say unpleasant. I’ve always thought it was just me being extremely impatient, but I’ve got a feeling I enjoy tricking myself into confronting certain situations and experiences I find rather scary. When acting on impulse, you kind of have to


The past weeks, I’ve felt a little unsettled about when a wayfarer. I can – and most likely will – write about the things you should definitely pack before you embark on your Camino, the things I wish I’d known before I ventured off for three months, the places where I spent the night and that which my pilgrimage gave me, apart from a whole lot of callus. Yet, the thought of the Camino being the only topic I could write about makes me shiver, as it wouldn’t be covering my entire journey.

The pilgrimage that ended in Fisterra was part of a larger journey that, up until today, continues. Life would probably be an accurate, all-encompassing description of that larger pilgrimage that I am hinting at ; ) Writing about my experiences as a pilgrim was not the sole aim of starting this blog: I wanted to create a fixed place to return to whilst trying to find my own way in the world.

Since returning back home in March, I noticed the entire endeavour just made me realise there are a ton of things yet to be discovered, massive amounts of adventures to be experience and dreams to be realised. It unleashed a quest to seek, experiment with and discover ways to make wayfaring through life a tad more adventurous, inspiring and meaningful.

Thus, as with the changing of the seasons, when a wayfarer changes along. From now on, apart from Camino-related posts, you’ll also find regular reports in regards to my quest. On top of that, I have changed the look of the site a little bit… hope you like it!

In other words, if you’re interested in the daily discoveries and doings of a wacky wayfarer whom’s seeking more than she finds… stay tuned!

Happy Equinox!