Oh yes! It’s time for a new adventure! I decided on a whim to book a ticket to the Canary Islands, or at least one of them: Tenerife.

Based on the little knowledge I had from the Canary Islands, my initial plan was to take my tent and go hiking. Last week, I spent some time reading about the Canary Islands, and found out that besides spectacular natural parks, the islands have rich cultural and historical sites too. So many options, so little time to choose!

not the right time for a tent

First thought: I want to take my tent! Didn’t really camp on the Camino, I really love my tent, and the Canary Islands should be the perfect place to use it. After a bit of research, two camping options presented themselves to me. First off, Teide National Park would be the perfect place to hike, and camp on the state campsites that are mostly situated on the borders of the park. However, many sites report that this time a year temperatures could drop significantly at night. Despite that I’ve purchased a proper sleeping bag, my last below zero camping experience has not left my mind yet. I still need a little more time to process, before taking that one on again.

So many options, so little time to choose!

Thus, the other option: Taking the boat to La Gomera, a beautiful island located south west of Tenerife. It would cost me a ferry-fare and pretty much two days to travel to and from the island. Although I’m not a true fan, I could opt for wild camping but I’d have to travel to a camping store first to get myself a gas tank. Likewise, the temperatures didn’t seem all too great; it was a couple degrees colder than Tenerife, and a higher chance of rain and fog. It just seemed like December wasn’t the right time for a La Gomera hike and there was too much planning involved for a mere week of holidays. So I decided to put that on the “maybe another time”-list.

a little bit of both when backpacking

Second thought: Why don’t you just go backpacking? As I found out that the Canary Islands have an incredibly interesting history and culture, I really want to visit some cities or towns to experience some of that too. As a graduate in Religious Studies, I happen to have a thing for churches, and Tenerife has got a fair share of them! Leaving the tent at home and taking the backpack would allow me to do a little bit of both: diving into the history of the island and emerge myself in the beautiful natural parks too.

Backpacking it is!

Yesterday, I’ve been gathering some of the things I’d like to take. I forgot, however, that just little amount of stuff can weigh so freaking much! Luckily, I’ve got some days left to sort all that out. The joy of anticipation has yet begun though, cannot wait to be wayfaring again!

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