Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you could have a full-blown pilgrimage experience without spending a lot of money and time? It would be, right?  The greatest thing is, it’s possible! In this article I’ll tell you all about what a micropilgrimage is and how to plan one. I also created a micropilgrimage worksheet, so you can start straight away!

Nothing makes my heart beat more than a week filled with tiny adventures. I love how every day can turn into an exciting endeavour, and all it usually takes is a conscious shift in perspective. Exploring the idea of microadventures, put into the world by Alistair Humphreys, I embarked on my very first micro Camino a while back in Germany. Today, taking tiny adventures to a new level, I’d like to introduce you to the micropilgrimage.

What is a micropilgrimage?

Like a microadventure, a micropilgrimage is short-lived and simple in a no frills kind of way. The difference, however, lies in the preparation and conclusion of your journey. With just a few adjustments, you can turn an exciting microadventure into a meaningful micropilgrimage. Now let’s get planning!

Deciding on a (meaningful) destination

First of all, let’s pick a physical destination. You could go to a local park, explore a route through the city, or ride to nearby beach or forest. Remember, don’t make things too complicated.

Don’t worry too much about making the right choice. The adventure of a micropilgrimage doesn’t necessarily lie in its physical destination, as there is nothing more adventurous than venturing off with an internal quest to solve.

So that’s when we get to the second question: What will your inner destination be? This part is all about setting our intention; preparing the mindset for our journey. It could be that you’re looking to relax. Perhaps there is a decision you have to make, or a question you’d like answered. Connecting to yourself or nature could also be a great intention to take with you on your adventure.

What will you bring on your micropilgrimage?

What you’re carrying along in your actual pack naturally depends on how long you decide to go. If your micropilgrimage is a few hours or a single day, just wear some comfy clothing, bring a packed lunch, plenty of water and perhaps a journal to jot things down. If you decide to stay somewhere overnight, you should definitely bring your camping gear (make sure your pack is not too heavy). 

Before you venture off on your micropilgrimage, you might want to reflect on the thoughts and feelings you already have about your destination. What are you carrying with you in your mental backpack? Perhaps there is a reason why it’s hard to relax, or you have certain ideas about that question you’d like answered. Being aware of your current state of mind regarding your destination might help you explore other roads whilst you’re out there.

Reaching your destination upon return

Have you decided on your physical and inner destination? Packed your bag, and reflected on the contents of your mental backpack? You’re all set to go and enjoy your micropilgrimage to the fullest.

To complete your journey, make sure to take some time afterwards to let the experience sink in and reflect on all that’s happened. It’s only then that you’ll know whether you’ve reached your destination. 

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May you have a wonderful journey!


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