The past weeks I have received some messages from those who would like to follow my Camino but don’t have access to my daily updates. For all of you, I will post all my daily updates from the past weeks ❤️

DAY 1 | Amsterdam > Abcoude | And… It has begun! The weather (-4 and lots of wind) made things a little harder than expected but I am currently enjoying a nice glass of red🍷celebrating the start of a – what I think will be – a pretty impressive journey!

DAY 2 | Abcoude > Maarssen | Heaps cold and heaps of wind. I got pretty much blown from one place to the other. Also, there weren’t a lot of places I could stop for a (wind free) break so I have been walking for three hours nonstop. Think I got my first blister 😉

DAY 3 | Maarssen > Bunnik | Although I was not having the greatest mood at the start of this day, it quickly turned around once I entered the beautiful Jacobikerk in Utrecht. The guides welcomed me with coffee, showed me around the church and I even received my first stamp! Big thanks to the three of them for their time and sharing their wisdom 🙏🏻

DAY 4 | Bunnik > Rijswijk | Today was tough. My feet and legs were protesting, which allowed doubts to enter my head. The amazing landscape and the sun – Yes! It finally made an appearance☀️- made me forget a little about the discomfort. Sure thing this first week won’t be easy.

DAY 5 | Rijswijk > Zaltbommel | Farmlands, fruit trees, big bridges and never ending roads. The sun was out but today it did not make things a whole lot easier. My left knee is not agreeing with all the walking, so I decided to take a day off tomorrow to get some rest, wash my clothes and re-evaluate the weight of my backpack. ✌🏻🎒

DAY 6 | Zaltbommel | Feet up, clothes washed, backpack emptied (a little bit 😉), journal filled, route researched… walking again tomorrow and I am looking forward to it! 🤗

DAY 7 | Zaltbommel > Vught | One cannot pass through beautiful places at all times. Railways, highways, industrial zones… it was only when nearing my destination that the surroundings improved. Guess life is a bit like that, sometimes it’s shit before it gets better. Wondering whether these two caught something.

That was the first week, hope you enjoy!



  1. I AM applauding youthat must have been so tough and easy to give up but you didn’t. Your determination to keep going is a credit to you. Nan has also been reading and listening to your Vlog!

    We are having the longest summer on record. There has never been a record of these hot temps 37 C on April 10 ever before and no rain since before Christmas. Garden is sooooo dry and we are pouring tap water onto it. Fires have started in many places.😓😔 Thanks for sharing your experience. One that many of us will probably never do. Take Care. Love and lotsa hugs, PnP 🚶‍♀️🌧⛄️💨☕️🍷🚵‍♀️💝

    1. Thanks Pat! Awesome, tell Nan hi for me 😊 Oh dear. Very long summer indeed. Sounds like you guys can use a bit of rain soon! I’ll try to post the past weeks asap, just need to find a place with good reception ❤️

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