The past weeks I have received some messages from those who would like to follow my Camino but don’t have access to my daily updates. For all of you, I will post all my daily updates from the past weeks ❤️

DAY 8 | Vught > Oisterwijk | Short distance today, which allowed time to spend the afternoon sharing coffee and talks with a lady that picked me off the streets. First day camping today ⛺️ super excited!

DAY 9 | Oisterwijk > Vessem | After an extremely cold night (yes, again) in my tent, my body was just wrecked. As I got upset with myself, this fella came walking towards me, proud with its head held high. Off I went. One foot in front of the other.👣

DAY 10 | Vessem > Postel | What a day! The knee was way better today, I guess due to the many unpaved roads on this route. And guess what?! Crossed a border today… Hello Belgium! 🇧🇪

DAY 11 | Postel | Quiet, contemplation, shared meals, Sunday Mass, beautiful conversations and personal discoveries… spending my day of rest at the Abbey of Postel was a very special experience ⛪ ❤️

DAY 12 | Postel > Mol | When leaving the Abbey of Postel I realised there is still so much to discover. The journey has only just begun… 2450 kilometres to Santiago! 🙏🏻

DAY 13 | Mol > Westerlo | Completely from the ongoing rain, cold and hungry I walked into this café (owned by a Dutchman) not knowing I would walk out of it with an applause – and slightly drunk and with a possible mention in the local newspaper. There are some pretty amazing souls on this planet. Unforgettable afternoon 🤘🏻❤️

DAY 14 | Westerlo > Diest | Fuelled by the joy and excitement from yesterday’s experience, I walked through the most magical forests. Highlight of the day: I did my laundry in a machine instead of by hand. Super clean pj’s! Yeey! 👏🏻

Week two! More to come soon!


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