Heja! I’m Querien. I’m here to guide and encourage you on your (everyday) pilgrimage to create a more meaningful & adventurous life.

In March 2018, I closed the door of my studio in Amsterdam behind me with the intention of walking from Amsterdam to Santiago… and that didn’t really go as I’d planned. 

Instead, I walked to Belgium, bought a bike (named him Barry), cycled to Rheims, and then decided to take a train to Arles. In Arles, I recommenced walking on the Via Tolosana – a beautiful Camino route through Southern France – and, from there, walked a bit more than 1800 kilometres to arrive on the beach of Fisterra. 

We’re all pilgrims.

Wayfaring our own path towards a destination meaningful to us.  

A path uncovering itself whilst walking. 

It’s one big adventure!

Wayfaring to Santiago taught me that every day can be infused with meaning and adventure, as it’s yet another day of our own pilgrimage called life. Since then I’ve been exploring the concept of everyday life as a pilgrimage, and have found lots of useful resources and practices to encourage us to discover the magic of the everyday.

Last year, my own path got a little clearer as I realised I wanted to guide and encourage others on their journey.

Whether you’re a wandering soul looking for direction, a seasoned pilgrim hungry for more or totally new to the game and exploring… I wish you a very warm welcome to when a wayfarer!  

An online refuge with ideas and encouragement to encourage and guide you on your (everyday) pilgrimage to create a more meaningful & adventurous life.

Super excited you’re here!