Heja! I’m Querien. I’m here to help guide you on your pilgrimage within, so you can discover your own path.


how it all began

I’ve always been captivated by the question “who am I?” 

An unsuccessful attempt to get into ballet academy to fulfil my childhood dream to become a choreographer, left me heartbroken and lost. I ended up enrolling into the Religious studies program at the University of Amsterdam, surely there I would find what I was looking for… at least, that’s what I thought.

While the world opened up to me through the discovery of religions, spiritual practices, and wisdom traditions, I got lost in a dark valley. Unable to cope with the continues mood swings, rage, and emptiness, I decided to find help. 

Therapy was a careful first step on the path of reconnecting with myself. It got me back on track and after I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, I followed my heart to the other side of the world – Australia – where I got the opportunity to begin again. Unfortunately, after 2,5 years this beautiful journey, too, came to an end. 

Moving back to Amsterdam, I completed my Master’s degree in Religious Studies, and it was then that I rediscovered the topic I’d been fascinated by from the start: pilgrimage

camino de santiago

Researching the practice, and reading pilgrim narratives. I became increasingly more curious. I wanted to do what they were doing, I also wanted to go on a pilgrimage. So I did. After I graduated in 2018, I closed the door of my studio in Amsterdam and commenced my journey to Santiago.

Wayfaring more than 1800 kilometres to Santiago taught me that every day is yet another stage on our own pilgrimage called life. Since my Camino, I’ve been exploring the concept of life as a pilgrimage, and in particular the notion of the pilgrimage within – the inner pilgrimage.

the inner pilgrimage

I believe we are all on a journey, we all have a path that is ours. Often we stray away from this path, get distracted or we unknowingly walk someone else’s path. Internalising expectations and pressures from society, family, and friends, we stop listening to the wise voice within. It’s the part of us holding that which we really are, that knows where to go. 

The inner pilgrimage is the journey to our sacred place within.

It’s a journey of unbecoming that we are not, to embrace that which we truly are.

It’s a journey of uncovering/discovering/loving who we are and, then, walking the path to bring that being into the world.

here to help guide you

The inner pilgrimage embodies a life-long seeking. While certain answers might remain forever unknown or change with each day passing. As a fellow pilgrim and Self-Discovery & Transition coach, I’m here to help guide you on your pilgrimage to that sacred place within, so you can discover your own path. 

On when a wayfarer I deeply hope to help you getting rightly equipped for your inner journey, offer you a hand and words of courage when things get tough, and celebrate discovering your own path – the expression of who you really are. 

Grateful & excited you’re here!