Inner Pilgrimage Workshop


Immediately we think of a long, physical journey outdoors. But did you know that we can make such a journey within ourselves as well? 

In September and October 2021, I’ll be giving the Inner Pilgrimage workshop at the Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam in English and Dutch. During this online interactive workshop you will learn how to make a journey of exploration within.

What will our journey look like:

  • We will dive deeper into the idea of pilgrimage, and how we can use it in our personal growth.
  • We will cover the different ways to journey within.
  • You will do some inner exploration yourself! Led by exercises, you will determine the destination of your journey and what you can do to get there.
  • I will give you a few handy tools for on the road, so that you can continue your inner pilgrimage after the workshop is finished.

Registration (English)

Are you ready to journey within? The Inner Pilgrimage workshop (English) will be given online on Tuesday October 5th 2021 at 7pm CET.

Your investment in the workshop will be €55 (this is excluding the digital workbook €7,50, which you will receive via e-mail after payment).

Sign up via this link on the workshop page of website of the Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam. Looking forward to journey with you!

Registratie (Nederlands)

Ben je klaar om een innerlijke reis te maken, maar volg je de online workshop liever in het Nederlands? Dat kan! Op dinsdag 14 september 2021 om 19.00 uur is er de mogelijkheid om de workshop Innerlijk Pelgrimeren in het Nederlands te doen.

Jouw investering voor de workshop is €55 (dit is exclusief digitaal werkboek van €7,50, die je ontvangt zodra je deze hebt betaald).

Via deze link vind je een overzicht van de workshop Innerlijk Pelgrimeren en een link om je in te schrijven. Kijk er naar met je op reis te gaan!