The two year mark has passed. On the first of March 2018, I embarked on my pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Two years later, welcome or not, this moment provokes the need for reflection.

Moments like these force me to take a step back and observe what’s really going on. Not just here on or on Instagram, but also in the rest of my life or, at least, the direction in which I’m heading.

Contemplative times usually lead to posts like these. Especially, when I’ve encountered some sort of internal blockage, and am uncertain about where it is that my personal journey is heading towards.

Taking a snapshot now, it looks like things have shifted on a subconscious level, that there is a strong longing to change direction… however, on a conscious level I’ve not yet surrendered to this process of transformation.

This is closely related to something that happened during my silent retreat last month, when an idea from the past revisted.

It’s an idea that keeps recurring. It’s involves researching, exploration and creation, as well as a level of vulnerability. Up until now, I haven’t had the courage, or the resources to proceed with this idea. Thinking about it gives me all the feels, as it is so closely related to my interests and my own journey through life.

Completely re-immersed into the chaos of the forty-hour work week and celebrating the magic of the everyday, the idea ebbed away. Looking back now, I realise that was exactly when a certain feeling of unease made its appearance.

Last night, returning home from having to work this weekend, I was writing down some thoughts and the idea popped back into my mind. Like an unexpected guest, knocking on the door late at night.

Perhaps it’s time to finally let this unforeseen visitor in, to explore the unknown, and cultivate the courage to do that which is so close to my heart. In the same manner, as in March 2018, I embarked on a journey that would take me to the end of the world in 111 days. Unsure of how it would turn out, yet determined to try it anyway.

To be continued.