If we open ourselves up to it, a simple walk in nature can provide us with many teachings to create a more meaningful life. As we’re moving through the seasons, we can discover that the natural world around us does certain things that we can apply to our own lives.

Inspired by the many daily walks I’ve done the past couple of months, I’ll be sharing with you three lessons that Winter has taught me that helped me on my everyday pilgrimage.


I’ve never been a particularly big fan of Winter. Initially, I thought this was due to the cold, however, over the years I have noticed this season asks me to turn inward.

As the trees are bare, birds and animals migrate, and the parks are getting quiet as more people spend time indoors, the silence increases. There are less external stimuli, which naturally create inward motion.

It’s a soft reminder from Nature to go inward, to reflect. To listen to all things that are going on inside. To reconnect with our own life force.


During the past months, my many indoor plants took a break from growing. The plants who regularly developed new leaves or stems remained dormant. Some simply paused in the midst of unfolding.

Pausing is a vital part of our growth process. We need to pause to gather the strength, wisdom and creativity to continue unfolding. Often, when Winter approaches we attempt to finish projects in a rush, afraid we might not be able to complete it once we just let it be for while.

Trust these moments of rest. Trust that the pause is exactly what you need. It’ll give you the energy to continue growing.


Whilst preparing for Spring, for new growth, we have to create space. When we cling on the old, there is no room for the new to enter.

Apart from taking a good look at the things inside your house that are no longer serving you, also reflect on the practices in your life. Which practices are serving your higher purpose, which one aren’t guiding you to create the meaningful life?

Currently in Amsterdam, we are experiencing big amounts of snow for the first time in years. Seeing everything covered in white, I realised what comfort lies in starting with a blank canvas. Not to cover things up, but to start afresh. Once the snow melts, we can decide what we would like to reintroduce in our lives – and what not.

Next time you walk in your nearby park, go off road, examine the trees and the plants. They hold a lot of wisdom we can apply on our everyday pilgrimage to create a more meaningful and adventurous life.


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