Thirteen days in and I feel like I’ve grown a little wiser already! Life has been throwing all sorts of lessons at me during these first days of 2020. I soaked in all the goodness (as well as the shit stuff), and today I will lovingly share them with you!

it starts with this realisation

While everyone is drying themselves out, surviving on carrots and running marathons, I’ve fallen into this giant empty space that presents itself after the anti-climax called New Year’s Eve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited about the year ahead, but the beginning is always so extremely difficult.

Regardless if we’ve entered this new decade with the best intentions, grand goals and resolutions, the first couple of weeks usually are a cold reminder that everything is exactly the same. I reckon the sole purpose of this initial phase of the year is to activate you, to make you realise that nothing is going to change unless you do. And once you realise that, that’s when it all really starts.


Dance, walk, climb, swing, roll, stretch, move! The food, the drinks, the cake… the December festivities might have left you a little sluggish. Good thing is, you can do something to spice things up a bit! Go outside, climb a tree, use the indoor staircase as a mountain, dance like you’re starring in Grease, try handstand jumps, or… you could go for a long walk in a nearby park?

Let the energy flow into all parts of your body (not just your belly, we’ve done all that) and life will feel extremely good. Movement creates lots of energy, it heals you and makes you feel alive!

speak up

The holiday season can have a big impact on our mind and emotional state. Our IG-feeds might tell us otherwise, but it isn’t the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. For some it is lonely, awkward and painful. It can stir up feelings and emotions that aren’t easy to deal with, past memories can suddenly return or put unwanted emphasis on difficult family relationships.

Although the festivities are over, these experiences remain. Speak up to your friends and family about it. Be vulnerable and share your experience with someone. You might be surprised what they offer you in return.

This was it. The first thirteen days. Now it has really started. Welcome to 2020!

All my love,

PS. Let’s do this together!


A new decade is about to commence. Twenty-twenty. Sounds spectacular don’t you think? Today’s post is a collection of thoughts on the year that has past, and intentions for the one that’s coming up.

As the frenzy of festivities subsides, a certain quiet arises in the days between Christmas and the New Year to reflect on that which has been. I reckon I could say it was a rather challenging year, but also one of tremendous personal growth.

Grateful to have been able to embark on some amazing adventures. I was super lucky to thru-hike and wild camp the magical West Highland Way blessed with sunshine, I have seen the most beautiful Dutch landscapes on several microadventures in the Netherlands, and I’ve enjoyed being a pilgrim on my micro-Camino in Germany.

That’s not all though. Still bearing the lessons from the Camino de Santiago, I continued my own personal pilgrimage. Through asking questions and being still (at least trying to be), my own path became clearer this year. The highlight is most definitely my decision to become a certified coach, in order to assist others on their own personal journey.

rumi quote; your heart knows the way

So what’s up for 2020! Super excited to continue my studies, and see where this will lead in the upcoming months! I’ll incorporate that which I’m learning during my studies into the blog. So apart from practical advice for outdoor adventures, you’ll find some for your inner adventures too! Also on the planning (finally!) is a monthly themed Newsletter with tips and handy printables. Haven’t signed up yet? Here is your chance:

My personal intentions for this year are most definitely taking more time to explore the outdoors! I’ve challenged myself to be creative when it comes to outdoor adventures this year – time and money shouldn’t be an excuse to stay at home. Exploring the outdoors serves to bring my second intention into fruition, which is cultivating a better relationship with myself. Not an easy task, but I’m pretty sure that patience and courage will get me there.

Twenty-nineteen, twelve beautiful months filled with movement, intense challenges, difficult choices, and intense inner discoveries. Twenty-twenty will be a year of listening to my heart. It knows the way. So does yours.

May you have the most wonderful year yet.