As I wrote something about my newfound journey to becoming a coach on Instagram, I guessed a little post about this joyous continuation of my personal pilgrimage was in order. So here it is!

In July 2018, I returned home after wayfaring about 1800 kilometres through Europe. This pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela had a profound impact on my life, guiding me till this very day. Since my return, I’ve done some shorter walks in the Netherlands and Germany, and this year April, I decided to walk the West Highland Way. Although way shorter, this too was an intense experience.

The big hikes, as well as the shorter ones in between, made me realise how powerful walking truly is. The movement itself is so simple, yet the effect of it so strong. When walking, the body and mind rearrange, creating space for emotions and thoughts that are ready to present themselves. Add nature, and one has found the perfect environment that allows us to observe this transformative process.

The more I talked to those around me about my experiences on the trail, the more I realised that others too (at times unknowingly) used walking as a way to observe and alter their own life stories. Guiding others in this process, helping them to discover their own unique path and allowing them to flourish and grow, would be something close to a dream.

In August, I took the first steps in realising this aspiration, and commenced a coaching course which focuses on walking in nature as the main coaching method. The past weeks, I’ve been learning a mountain of things already! Eager to share, so I’ve decided to start incorporating some practical tips, ideas and insights I’ve gained from my course on Subscribe to the newsletter at the end of this article to receive the latest updates.

When looking back on the past few years, I would’ve never thought I’d end up here. Good thing is, I’m pretty sure that I’m exactly where I need to be right now.