Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for a very long time, though it seems to have come around way too soon! Words cannot even describe the state I am currently finding myself in. My mood is changing from ecstatically happy to extremely frightened and I am frantically running around trying to get everything sorted for this journey that, all of a sudden, will commence in less than 24 hours.

The past weeks I have been thinking about how I will keep my blog going, as I will not take my laptop with me. Last Monday I decided that I will communicate all the happenings of my Camino de Santiago doing something I will never get enough of: talking! Although chatting to no one in particular felt rather odd at first, I guess it will be a good way to feel slightly less alone on my journey ; )

Still have to cross many things off the list, so I am out of here! If you would like to follow my journey, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Talk to you soon!




  1. Dear Querien,

    A cold start of the Pilgrimage
    Especialy now you need a good baselayer ( Icebreaker 260 ) , I hope you are wearing it.
    Cover your head and hands
    Drink something warm from time to time.
    Enjoy the walk Southwards and don’t rush

    All the best,

    René van Breenen

    1. Dear René, So nice to get a message from you! A very cold start indeed! Not wearing Icebreaker, but I am wearing another merino wool base layer. Also followed up on your advance and bought a good pair of hiking pants from Fjäll Räven. So much better now 🙂 Will definitely have a regular warm drink. I sure will and I’ll try to take my time 😉 Kindly, Querien

  2. Yoooooo Cuz!!!

    Ik weet hoe die dagen voor vertrek voelen 😱. You can do it! Proud! Ik volg je. Dikke kus. Ing

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